Godaddy Review, Writing a Compelling Blog

This is the fifth article in my series for Toastmasters Leadership Development, Level 4, Write a Compelling Blog

I’ve been a Godaddy customer for many years now. I use their domain registration, email, hosting, and a variety of other services. This website is hosted by Godaddy. Godaddy’s costs are a little high compared to other companies, but not overly so. Definitely not high enough for me to seriously consider changing providers. Actually, Godaddy often has promotions that make signing up for new services very reasonable. Call tech support and request help. They will email a survey. Fill out the survry and you will get 30% when you sign up for a new service. They also email unsolicited promotions. Same deal – sign up for a new service and get 30% off. Years ago, they would email promotions get 30% off any order. I would wait for the promotion, then renew. Can’t do that any more. They still send 30% of promotions, but their coupons are only good for new orders, never renewals. One way to get around that is to convert your old service to a new service. If you upgrade to a different but similar service, you may be able to save money with the discount.

I do call Godaddy’s tech support on occasion. They have 24×7 tech support, hold times are reasonable, rarely more than a few minutes. The call centers are Stateside. I never get techs with indecipherable accents. The reps are always personable, polite, and professional. They listen, and attempt to resolve my problem. Sometimes they are able to help, other times they don’t/can’t/won’t resolve my problem.

Recently, I received an email alert about a down website. I called tech support. The person at the end of the line was very personable and friendly. He investigated the problem, then informed me that I would need to pay for a plan for them to help me fix it. I declined and fixed the problem myself. More than once they told me the help I am asking for is beyond the scope of the normal tech support. They tell me I can purchase an extended tech support plan and open a ticket. “Usually” they will resolve my problem within 24 hours. Or they tell me I need to upgrade my service because the plan I’m on only offers very basic services, and I should be on a better (more expensive) plan. I am purposefully being non specific about the details to aviod revealing problems I have run into or technical information about the services I subscribe to.

I do occaaionally get calls from Goddaddy. The ask me how things are going, then go into a pitch trying me to upgrade my plan or buy additional services. One time they called to tell me I was using too much disk space then tried to get me to upgrade my plan. So they were bringing a technical problem to my attention. I investigated and found a very large file I didn’t need and deleted it. I didn’t need a more expensive plan.


Overall, I think Godaddy offers decent services at a reasonable price. Whenever sigining up for a new service check for discount codes. If you allow them to upsell you, ask for a discount. More than likely there is a discount code you can use. Once you are signed up, plan on paying full price for future renewalls. Godaddy has friendly Stateside tech support, but be prepaired for an upsell whenever you call them.

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