Unsolicited Endorsement of Discount Tire

I’ve been a customer of Discount Tire for many years. The primary reason is because of their “Free” Replacement Certificate. The cost of the certificate depends on the tire, but the idea is if your tire goes flat because of a road hazzard, they will replace it for “free”. Well, not entirely free. If they replace the tire they’ll expect you to buy a new certificate. The difference between Discount Tire and other tire stores is that Discount Tire does not pro-rate the replacement. With most other stores they’ll pro-rate the cost of the replacement tire based on the wear of the old tire. In other words, with other stores you’ll get a discount on the replacement tire. With Discount Tire, you’ll get a new tire regardless of the wear. Well almost. Discount will replace the tire if it still has legal tred. One time my bald tire went flat. The steel chords were showing. They wouldn’t honor the free replacement. That’s fair because it was completely obvious my tire did not have legal tred. Another time my flat tire had barely legal tred, maybe even a little less. They honored the certificate.

I had a flat recently. Not sure why the tire went flat. It took a while for me to find a safe place to pull off the road. By the time I pulled off, the tire was smoking. When I took it to Discount, they replaced the tire. No questions asked. Actually, they did ask a question. When I bought the tires, Discount put on better tires than what I paid for. I paid for cheap tires, they put on nice tires and charged me the cheaper price. The receipt showed the cheaper tires. When I took in my tire to be replaced,the rep asked why the tire on the receipt was not the same as what I was replacing. When I explained, he accepted my answer and replaced the tire.

Over time, the replacement certificates cost quite a bit more than replacing flats. I buy the certificates anyway. I buy them for “piece of mind”. And because I am confident Discount tire will take care of me.

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