Book Review: Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits book cover

,Atomic Habits by James Clear was on the list of recommended books at my local library so I decided to check it out. There was a short waiting list so I reserved the book. The timing was perfect. Just as I was finishing another book, my hold became available. This is my book review of Atomic Habits.

The book is about how to develop new, good habits and shed old, bad habits. The book contains simple, commonsense ideas. To start new habits, make it easy to incorporate new habits into your daily life, start off incrementally (not all at once), and reward yourself for success. To break bad habits, arrange your life or living arrangements to make it harder partake in your bad habit, start off incrementally, and punish yourself when you relapse into a bad habit. It’s important to be consistent in developing new habits and breaking bad ones. Incorporate your habit into your daily routine, but if you miss, try not to miss two days in a row. Same for breaking a bad habit. If you relapse, try not to relapse two days in a row.

To reinforce his points, the author provides numerous examples from his own life, the lives of well known people, and the lives of not so well known people. Overall, I found the book to be an easy read, and plan to incorporate his suggestions into my daily life. If you would like help developing good habits and shedding bad ones, the book will provide valuable suggestions about how to improve your life.

In case you were wondering, I have decided to incorporate the author’s ideas into my daily life. The book is 20 chapters. As I was reading the book, I decided to take up the author’s suggestion and start out incrementally. I decided to read at least two chapters every day. That way I should be able to finish the book in a little over a week. Actually, some days I read more than two chapters so I finished the book in a week. I’ve had a book laying on the shelf for many years. I started reading the book, but didn’t get very far. It’s a long book. If I read two chapters a day, I will finish it. I have another book on hold at the library that should arrive soon. Maybe I’ll read one chapter from each book every day (maybe more). Two chapters between them. That way, I’ll finish both books.

The author mentioned his weekly blog. I’ve had my website for quite a few years now, but only updated it rarely. I decided to get into the habit of updating my website regularly. This is my first post since making that decision. I did another post recently. It was quite long and quite technical. I worked on it every day for weeks (including research). So, if you don’t see another blog post in a week, I will be working on a more involved article or maybe I’ll be posting on my other blog. This one is pretty short. If I’m not working on a longer, technical article, I should be able to knock one out like this at least once a week.

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